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Who are we?

We offer vintages rare and forgotten but great wines and lesser known wines. The opportunity to taste our wines is possible on request. For rare wines, we develop a strict selection, that is to say an optimal preservation, authenticity and traceability of our rare vintages and forgotten.

This selection reflects our need and our ability to develop and describe each bottle vintages and chateaux for sale. Whether it is for vegetables, where the grands crus wines unknown, our choice is the same.

A highlighted our winemaker friends wishing to leave the care Vinonego distribute their wines. The relationship between all these castles and Vinonego used to establish a relationship of trust built over the long term. For those who can move, we implement circuits at your disposal. Each circuit will be developed to measure.


Vinonego offers a tour service in many areas French wine. Whether you are an individual or business, we are implementing moments. Service management dice airport chauffeur or support within your company with buses.We expect the hotel restaurants and the areas that you want to visit.


Vinonego offers investment services for individuals or businesses wishing to expand, diversify and protect their assets. Whether a field or storage of bottles, we remain at your disposal. This service is by appointment only after telephone contact.

Contact us

You can contact us now by phone, as well as on WhatsApp et WeChat with ID “Vinonego”.


+33 (0)6 99 50 76 66